At BIG SOCIETY RECYCLING we see ourselves as the first of the next generation of “charity shop”!

Traditional Charity shops have been a vital part of the income stream for many charities over the years so please do not totally abandon them! But please also consider these facts:

  • What if the charity that you support does not have a charity shop? Well the answer is simple – bring your goods to Big Society Recycling – we will give you cash and you can then donate the cash to your favourite charity with both you and the charity benefiting from the Government’s GIFT AID scheme!
  • We do understand that in this day and age – “Charity Begins at Home” – nobody will think any less of you if you keep the cash we pay you in your own household budget!
  • Charity shops are exempt from Business Rates – Big Society Recycling pays Business Rates thus contributing to the local economy.
  • We do NOT have volunteer staff! We pay all our staff – creating much needed jobs and, again, putting cash into the local economy.

We are keen to be involved in the local community and act as a responsible business.

  • Yes, we have to make money – we have rent and staff to pay – but we do not need to make too much money!
  • Out of our profits we will be making regular donations to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool!
  • We have made our shops available as collecting points to support the WIRRAL FOODBANK helping those in our community most at risk!
  • We assist a number of charity shops by collecting some of their unsold goods and paying cash for them – this gives those charities cash AND saves them the cost of disposing of those goods!
  • All our shops have a COMMUNITY NOTICE BOARD – events and other announcements can be advertised FREE OF CHARGE!

BIG SOCIETY RECYCLING – the start of THE NEXT GENERATION OF CHARITY SHOPS and a business with its heart in the local community.